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Read what our customers are saying.

Some of the biggest names in commercial real estate are powered by RDM.

Our integrated platform, combined with tech-enabled solutions, provides real-time information to support the leasing, marketing, and management of properties.

“By providing our team with best-in-class tools and resources from RDM, we can outflank the competition while delivering high-performance, cost-effective solutions for our clients.”

– Greg Green, President | National Agency Leasing

“In a market that demands timely and first time get-it-right submittals, Real Data Management is a leader.”

Walter Maher, Senior Real Estate Manager

“RDM has been a great asset to our firm.  The drawings they provide are a powerful tool for Owners, Managers and Brokers that are trying to maximize the potential of their Buildings.”

– Bill Becker, VP of Asset Management

“RDM is extremely fast, reliable, and have brought tremendous value to the table. I can always count on them to deliver quality work, and turn it around quickly.”

-Scott Silverstein, Leasing Manager

“RDM did a terrific job on the BOMA Study for our flagship office building in downtown Washington, D.C.  RDM’s software and comprehensive plan book has become an invaluable tool for our leasing and property management personnel.”

– James Brawner, Managing Director

“RealAccess is a cost effective, reliable resource for a variety of situations our team regularly encounters. The Interactive Floor and Stack plan tools have proved helpful with operations and planning.”

– Nick Mather, Property Manager

“RDM has become a very valuable asset to Invesco Real Estate in New York from both a services and software perspective. We have been pleased not only with the quality of the work and the pricing at which it has been done, but also with the speed of responses on time-sensitive work. Invesco expects to continue and further this relationship going forward.”

James Gillen, Director of Asset Management

“RDM helps us achieve high performance for our existing buildings and acquisitions. Amazingly fast responsiveness and expert staff. They have a great CRE platform that I highly recommend. ”

-Daniel Ghadamian, Managing Principal

“RDM’s platform has been key in helping us get our hands around building measurements. I love how the software, RealAccess, gives us real-time access to stacks and floor plans tied to occupancy data. RDM’s platform automates floor plan updates that would otherwise take forever to get and be inaccurate.”

-Michael Reiser, Property Manager 

“RDM has been essential to us bringing buildings to market.  Their expertise in building remeasurement is unsurpassed and our sellers appreciate the extra value being brought to the table!”

– Richard Baxter, Vice Chairman

“It’s the persistent and dedicated people at RDM that make working with the company very desirable.  They have always shown professionalism and provide direct, clear and concise information in terms of the services RDM offers.”

Elizabeth Real, Property Manager

“RDM’s initial building space analysis and software are key tools for our team as we negotiate leases, strategize on future availabilities and manage our assets. They are always attentive to our requests and their response time is impressive. We know we can rely on RDM for accurate information that is delivered quickly.”

– Cooper Kramer, Managing Director