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Buying. Selling. Leasing. Managing.


RDM was born and raised on innovation, and believes technology is the future of the real estate industry. Our platform of building measurement solutions and software empowers landlords, investors, brokers and managers to better market and manage their portfolios.

RDM has been in business for 30 years. Originally we were a project-based business, focused on measuring spaces and creating floor plans. In 20o1 our current CEO, Peter Boritz, took over the reigns and brought with him a vision – one that would transform the way commercial real estate professionals do business.

We were early pioneers in CRE Tech – maybe too early, but we persisted and continued to educate the industry, which eventually caught up. Our property and space management software, RealAccess, has gone through many developments. Today it is a robust repository of interactive floor plans, documents, stack diagrams, and analytics.

But RDM is more than charts and numbers. We are a lean, but growing company with a collection of incredibly talented employees. Our values include growing careers, building a killer leadership team, celebrating personal milestones, and generally just trying to have a good time while working our tails off.


RDM is the leading provider of managed services and software solutions for real estate companies throughout the United States. Our professionals specialize in building measurement services, as-built floor plans and area analysis of existing real estate in accordance with all standards of measurement, including BOMA & REBNY measurement guidelines.

Our flagship software, RealAccess, helps our customers retain their measurement investment with interactive floor plans, analytics, stack diagrams, and leasing tools – all connected to your accounting system for real-time information and available online.


Why do anything? What motivates people to be better humans – whether it’s being a better parent, spouse, friend, employer, or employee? We recognize that successful people have a natural drive that makes them continuously improve. RDM wants to help those people and their businesses achieve their success. Our platform of managing services and software is proven to help real estate professionals work faster and smarter. And just like our customers, we are constantly growing and improving to meet the demands of the industry.