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Managed Services - How Does It Work?

Commercial real estate is an industry accustomed to outsourcing, especially for companies who don’t self-perform.

RDM’s robust suite of solutions is built around the idea that we can be an extension of our customers’ in-house team. We wrapped the Subscription as a Service (SaaS) model, familiar with software products, around our entire platform of services.

We believe customers are happier subscribing to the outcomes they want, when they want them, rather than having to pay big upfront fees and the burden of costly inefficient ways to manage and update information.

The RDM Advantage

Our Managed Services package uses the full RDM platform – letting us be the “in-house” resource and allowing property managers and brokers focus on closing deals and keeping the building at high performance.

Our measurement solution includes a full range of survey options and BOMA and REBNY calculations. We use laser measuring devices, existing plans, and 3D technology to capture highly accurate measurements.

Our 3D scanning solution creates immersive walkthroughs of existing conditions that can be annotated, edited, and shared. Our customers are using it for marketing and fire/life safety documentation.

Fire and Life Safety

RDM is the market leader of Emergency Action Plans (EAP’s) and Fire Protection Plan (FPP’s) creation. We are known for our speed and deep level of expertise – helping hundreds of customers with their violations and building changes.

Download our 2018 white paper on building measurement.