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RDM Moving Forward – What to Expect in the Future

I’m sure you already know that Real Data Management (RDM) was recently acquired by Building Engines. There has been a lot of buzz about the acquisition, and we’ve had great feedback from customers.  But we realize that some customers may still have questions about the future of the combined companies and how it might affect them.  …

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There is a faster way to build your custom stacks.

Stack to Excel on RealAccess lets you manipulate stack plans the way you need to do your work: Easily export RealAccess stacks to an Excel fileExport includes all existing colors, sizing and data points of your choosingSave yourself hours without building stacks from…

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Stacking Plans your way on RealAccess

The Interactive Stack on RDM's RealAccess platform provides real time views at the building level with information automatically updated from your accounting link. RealAccess users can easily switch between different Stack views and manipulate the diagrams to work the way they want.  …

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