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How to use BOMA 2017 Measurement Standards to Maximize RSF

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standards were created to standardize the rentable square footage marketed in CRE office properties. BOMA is the most commonly used measurement standard throughout major markets. Over the years, there have been several revisions to the measurement standards – the most…

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3 ways to use BOMA measurement to maximize your RSF

BOMA measurement standards were developed to standardize the rentable square footage marketed in office properties. These standards provide landlords with the methods they need to successfully market properties, and use a formula to determine what is acceptable as leasable square…

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Do you know your Growth Potential?

How do I know I have growth potential? How much square footage should I call my vacant suite? I am positive that you have asked yourself these questions before. Stop guessing whether you are under- leased or over-leased. Measuring, tracking and…

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