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Take Advantage of BOMA 2017
RDM helps office landlords take advantage of the potential additional RSF that comes with BOMA 2017 changes.
What are the changes?

Below is a breakdown of what we found most relevant to our office landlord customers. We indicate if the change has the potential to increase (+) or decrease (-) rentable square footage (RSF).

We have seen the impact converting to BOMA 2017 has for our customers.
Over $1.1 M in Additional Annual Lease Income

A Washington D.C. customer achieved an increase of over $1.1 million in annual leasing revenue by converting their D.C. portfolio from antiquated BOMA measurement to BOMA 2017. Now using RDM’s RealAccess software, the landlord can compare previous BOMA standards to future standard values all on screen.

20,000+ SF Added with ROI of Millions

A large international real estate investment manager hired RDM to support their disposition process for a commercial office building in Northern Virginia. RDM’s team leveraged the RealAccess software and successfully discovered an additional 20,000+ sq ft. of BOMA RSF.

Confused about how BOMA 2017 affects your portfolio?

We can help you be in compliance and take advantage of the potential additional RSF that comes with these BOMA 2017 changes. Fill out the form below to contact RDM.

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