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Saving Time In CRE Is Possible With These Technology Tips

Saving Time in CRE is Possible with these Technology Tips

Let’s face it, everyone wishes they had more time in their days. This is especially true in the hectic world of CRE. Whether you are a property manager, owner, or broker, you may have a million and one things to accomplish any given day. From meetings to tenant requests, and tracking deals, it’s common to feel like the hours of the workday just aren’t enough. 

The root of the problem may be that you are wasting valuable hours of your day trying to manage your work instead of actually doing it. Luckily, there is a solution to this. Believe it or not, saving time is possible in CRE with the help of technology. Technology can enhance your day and alleviate some of the challenges or roadblocks you may experience. Your time is valuable, and you can save more of it by following these tips:      

Tip #1. Keep your information organized and accessible 

Organizing your information should be your first step if you want to have extra time in your day. Think about how many hours you spend going through multiple databases and spreadsheets when trying to do your work. Even more time is wasted if you are still dealing with print outs and filing cabinets. All this paper can become cluttered and hard to manage over time. If this situation sounds familiar, you need to set up a better system for storing and accessing your data.  

A CRE tech platform that can store floor plans, tenant information, and building data all in one secure database makes it easy to access the information you need at any given time with a simple search. Not to mention, this information is much easier to download and share. Technology can eliminate the extra time you waste trying to locate information and completing manual tasks by providing a more efficient and organized system of record. 

Tip #2. Use automation to streamline your workflow    

You can easily save time by using technology to automate some of your work. If you have a lot of repetitive, manual tasks that take up a good chunk of your day, it may be a good idea to hand some of it off to a CRE tech platform. Maybe it’s sifting through tenant requests or making daily reports. This type of work can be tedious but still must get done.  

So why not let technology do some of the work for you? Tech has improved CRE tools and processes for marketing and leasing plan creation, handling tenant requests, and even editing floor plans and making quick calculations. Handling these tasks on your own with the help of CRE tech, and without a third-party company involved, will save you time and leave you in control.  

Tip #3. Prioritize your most important tasks with pipeline and deal tracking 

If you want to stay on top of your work, prioritizing is key. It can get difficult when there are distractions and unexpected tasks that take precedent. However, having a clear path of what you need to accomplish for the day and what to get started on first will undoubtedly save you time. A CRE system that tracks your pipeline in real-time will be able to tell you exactly this.  

Many CRE systems have a dashboard that syncs with all of your data, allowing you to always stay up-to-date on your latest deals and be aware of what is happening in your property. These high-level views paint an obvious picture of what is critical and needs your attention right away. An intuitive, easy to view pipeline makes it easier to plan accordingly and tackle the tasks that are most important.  

You’re busy enough as it is, so let technology take some of the load off and save you more time. Allowing technology to streamline some of your work can free up your day so that you can focus on the things that matter.  

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