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Change The Way You Work With RealAccess

Change the way you work with RealAccess

RDM’s RealAccess software has redefined the way managers, landlords, investors, and brokers manage, market, and lease their building portfolios.  As the industry leader for building measurement, we’ve seen how landlords and CRE professionals obtain their building data for years.  Historically, this process has been long, cumbersome, and extremely inefficient. Not to mention, it risked deal fatigue and many errors.  

Our mission was – and still is – to ensure accurate building data is always organized and easily accessible for CRE teams. RealAccess streamlines your workflow and allows users to save time and money by accessing property information at any time. 

Your building information in the cloud 

Real Access provides data hosted in the cloud. RDM’s platform specializes in floor plan visualization and dynamic stacking plans that show real-time tenant information. RealAccess has proven to enhance organization and boost productivity on CRE teams, allowing users to make faster and smarter decisions. RealAccess hosts your buildings in the cloud, which means you can forget about having to sort through cluttered filing cabinets. All your property information is available in real-time from your desktop or mobile device. This makes it easy to pull up floor plans when you’re at a client meeting or just checking building data on-the-go.   

We found that our customers see an average growth of 3-10% in buildings’ RSF after using RDM’s platform. RealAccess is guaranteed to change the way you work, allowing you to work faster and make smarter decisions. Our platform has contributed to the success of several of our clients. In fact, many of them see value in as little as one month.  

RealAccess and Prism by Building Engines  

Now that RDM is operating as a Building Engines company, we are excited to expand our product offering as a combined platform in the future. With the RDM and Building Engines merger, one of the main goals is to fully integrate RealAccess into Building Engine’s property management software, Prism. Users will receive all the benefits and features they have come to expect from RealAccess, together with the Building Engines platform. RealAccess dynamic stacking plans, digitized floor plans, and accounting link information will be packaged together with Prism, offering the best CRE tech software for property managers, asset managers, and owners.

RDM and Building Engines will work together to provide a combined solution – the best in property management and tenant satisfaction software. In the near future, a combined platform and product will allow CRE professionals to work at high performance and maximize asset value.