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Modify Your Floor Plans In Seconds With DRAW Tool On RealAccess

Modify your floor plans in seconds with DRAW Tool on RealAccess

DRAW Tool on RDM’s RealAccess platform is the engine that delivers Space Analytics. DRAW gives users the power to create or modify floor plans with speed and accuracy, and obtain calculations in real-time, without the need for an architect. Many of our clients don’t know how to use AutoCAD or Revit, but they find DRAW to be a quick and easy solution. Too often we hear asset managers or brokers complain about the time it will take—and the money they will spend— just to visualize a  “what if” floor plan scenario. With DRAW, they are easily creating floor plan scenarios to market their spaces, and obtaining real time calculations for BOMA or REBNY standards. Without any additional technical knowledge, users can split up suites, hatch spaces, and find measurements. As opposed to the back and forth process of sending CAD files to an architect with week-long turnaround times, DRAW empowers users to handle these simple requests themselves.  

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