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Marketing Made Simple With RealAccess Marketing And Leasing Plan Automation

Marketing made simple with RealAccess Marketing and Leasing Plan Automation

This RealAccess feature simplifies the process of creating marketing materials, and saves RDM customers time and money. 

For commercial real estate professionals, getting marketing materials in the right hands can be a time-consuming process. There is often a tedious exchange between departments to gather information for collateral. RealAccess solves this pain point with Marketing and Leasing Plan Automation.

Marketing & Leasing Plans button gives users the power to generate marketing collateral using customized templates with just a few clicks within the RealAcces platform. RDM customers are saving hundreds of hours with our marketing plan automation, which eliminates the lag time and expense of third party services.

Users can submit their current marketing materials or have RDM create customized templates. Once all portfolio approved templates are uploaded to RealAccess, all users have instant access to create marketing plans in seconds. 

This innovative features transforms the floor plan and data viewing experience, as well as the leasing and marketing workflow for several of our clients. Vacant suites become “plug & play” and any floor plan can be generated on the fly, into a company’s proprietary branded template. Users can always count on the accuracy of the data. All information in RealAccess is integrated with the company’s accounting system, providing real-time updates. 

  “This feature is the next step ahead in our commitment to help our customers be successful and deliver high performance,” says Peter Boritz, CEO of Real Data Management, “RDM’s platform is the key to helping deliver portfolio organization and productivity.”

Watch a quick video about Marketing and Leasing Plan Automation on RealAccess

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