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Happy Holidays from RDM

Like most companies, RDM likes to throw an end-of-year holiday party. Historically we’ve always done a traditional evening event, which is of course very fun, but this year we decided to switch it up a little bit and hosted a holiday brunch instead! We love eating at RDM and we love breakfast food, so a brunch really checked the boxes. We had a Savory cater some buffet foods – pastries, granola bar, bagels… – and then we hired Chef Robby to cater made-to-order omelettes and waffles.

We also had a psychic available for personal readings using tarot, palm and numerology. This had mixed reviews and many of us are still waiting for our lucky days to arrive before deciding if it was real or not.

And of course a party isn’t complete without a photo booth! Royal Photobooth was so fast and had a really fun set-up complete with props and different photo options. We’ll definitely have more photo booths at our parties from now on.


Happy Holidays and best wishes for a successful 2019 from all of us at RDM!