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Our Updated Whitepaper On Building Measurement Is Now Available

Our Updated Whitepaper on Building Measurement is Now Available

Building measurement methods – sometimes also called building re-measurement –   can be used by landlords to build growth and revenue within their office buildings. Which method to use is determined by the market conditions, region, and the landlord’s discretion.

The latest update to our white paper on Methods of Building Measurement & National Trends  been updated to reflect the newest BOMA 2017 method of measurement. 

Measuring a property to reflect current market conditions can potentially maximize rentable square footage (RSF). Calculating RSF has always been a hot topic of debate, with regional markets taking different approaches. The variation in methods can be problematic for large organizations with portfolios that span multiple geographic locations. All of this is covered in our 2018 whitepaper.This update now reflects the new BOMA 2017 measurement standards. 

Methods of Building Measurement & National Trends was written by a group measurement experts on staff at RDM who collectively have decades of experience in the world of building measurement and calculations, and have measured billions of square feet.

Topics covered:
• The different methods of measurement for office properties, including BOMA and REBNY
• Which method certain markets favor or have adopted as standard
• The importance of maximizing RSF to increase the value in your portfolio

Interested in learning more about BOMA, REBNY and methods of building remeasurement?