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Want to make the workday fun? No Prob-Llama!

The world of CRE Tech might not stir up visions of hi-jinx and hilarity, but at RDM we try to balance out days of loss factor calculations and lease expirations with creativity and fun.  Part of our company’s culture is to cultivate a fun and welcoming workspace – what better way to do that than by taking the afternoon off to get creative!

This week, RDM took a bunch of our employees over to Painting Lounge for an afternoon of art and fine wine. Everyone attending voted on our painting lesson of choice and almost unanimously chose one called No Prob-Llama. Because a cute llama on a vibrant backdrop? It was an obvious winner.


Going into the class I think most people were just excited to take a break from work and have a glass of wine. However, almost immediately we all got pretty serious with our painting. By the end it was clear we have a lot of talented and creative people at RDM, and we each have a unique llama inside our hearts.