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Visualize Your Portfolio With The Interactive Floor Plan

Visualize your portfolio with the Interactive Floor Plan

The Interactive Floor Plan (IFP) on RealAccess allows users to engage with floor plans in a completely new way. IFP gives you the power to see suite, tenant and lease information in a variety of color-coded scenarios, as well as recalculate space and obtain measurements with ease.

There is no need for any additional plugins or software to access all the IFP features. Simply open up the IFP by clicking into a space on your Stacking Plan. Here, you can view all your floors in different themes, change layouts, and even recalculate spaces. Floor plans are updated by linking to your accounting systems, which eliminates lag, delays, and double entry from entering information manually. 


Visualize your tenant, lease, and suite information with special themes like Vacancy and Space Categories. 

IFP Ruler magnify

Work smarter with the IFP Ruler, which allows you to approximate your floor plans’ dimensions in seconds. Hold Alt, left click and drag a line on the IFP to view your measurements. This tool is great for when you don’t need laser accuracy, but need quick approximate distances. 


Use the Rentable Area Calculator to calculate different rentable areas on loss or load factors you’re testing without affecting your building’s data. 


Easily export your floor plans to CADs or PDFs to work the way you want. Your floor plans are also ready to be emailed and shared right from the application.

Interested in learning more about the IFP and RealAccess? Contact us at 1-877-736-0011.