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Energize Your Marketing Efforts With The Leasing & Marketing Plans Feature On RealAccess

Energize your marketing efforts with the Leasing & Marketing Plans feature on RealAccess

Are you experiencing marketing fatigue?

RealAccess can energize your marketing and leasing plans with easy-to-use automation.

The Leasing & Marketing Plans feature on RDM’s RealAccess platform allows users to create customized rental plans with just a few clicks:

  • Streamline your workflow
  • Eliminate lag time
  • Reduce expenses of third party¬†services

Simply provide RDM with your current marketing materials or have custom designed flyers made for your building or portfolio. RealAccess will do the rest, giving you the power to generate rental plans in seconds.

Watch this brief video about the Marketing and Leasing Plans feature on RealAccess.

Interested in learning more about Leasing & Marketing Plans?