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BOMA’s New Measurement Standards: Who Wins, And Who Loses?

BOMA’s new measurement standards: Who wins, and who loses?

Chris Lipowicz, VP of Sales at RDM contributed to this recent RealDeal article,  BOMA’s new measurement standards: Who wins, and who loses?. In it, the RealDeal discusses BOMA 2017 and how these new measurement standards will impact building values.  BOMA 2017  will bring about significant changes such as discrepancies in loss factor and rentable square footage, which will mostly affect tenants seeking renewals.

RDM’s BOMA 2017 survey highlighted in this article gives insight into building owners’ perspective and overall awareness of the new standards.

“In January, Real Data Management, which measures buildings for major landlords and designs building management software, surveyed about 12,000 brokers in major markets around the country in an effort to understand how the industry is adapting to the changes. Over 40 percent of respondents said they had deals in progress that would use the new measurement standard, and two-thirds said they thought the new guidelines would soon become industry standard. (As with most things, New York City operates by its own rules, adopting the loss-factor guidelines devised by the Real Estate Board of New York.)”