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The South Report From Our BOMA 2017 Market Research Whitepaper Is Now Available

The South Report from our BOMA 2017 Market Research Whitepaper is Now Available

As leaders in CRE tech and building measurement, Real Data Management surveyed a large sample of brokers across the United States in order to gain insight on the recent BOMA 2017 measurement standards. Our objective was to understand the overall awareness and sentiment of BOMA 2017 and its impact on the market.

Questions we sought to explore include:

  • Are landlords in the major markets re-measuring their buildings based on the new BOMA 2017 standards
  • How quickly will building owners adopt the new BOMA 2017 standards?
  • Which markets expect to handle the potential increase in inventory/RSF?

RDM’s BOMA 2017 report on the Southern Region of the United States is now available for download. Stay tuned for more market specific reports and the release of our complete Whitepaper.

Interested in our BOMA ’17  market research?