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DRAW Tool: RDM’s AutoCAD Alternative

The DRAW Tool on RDM’s RealAccess platform is like an easy-to-use version of AutoCAD, without the expensive licensing. Have the power to create or modify your floor plans and obtain calculations within minutes.

    • Export drawings to DWG files
    • Handle BOMA 2010 calculations with the building wide BOMA calculator
    • Sync and save scenarios to RealAccess
    • Import CADs directly into DRAW

“For CRE buildings, DRAW tool is incredibly valuable. It is saving us time and money. Everyone managing CRE should be on this platform.”

– Michael Cohen | President | Tri-State Region, Colliers International


The Power of DRAW

DRAW is designed to make your life easier. You no longer need expensive architects and long turn around times to hinder your simple requests. Let’s look at a potential situation: you have a floor plan, but you want to visualize what one large suite would look like divided up into two suites. You can do these space calculations within minutes with DRAW Tool.

The first step is simple enough: you pull up the floor plan. Here we have the second floor of our Sample Building, 123 Main Street. This is a fake building in New York, so we will be using the REBNY standards to calculate the rentable areas. Don’t despair if your building is outside of New York; DRAW can work with BOMA standards (including BOMA 2017) just as easily!

The second step is also quite easy. Use any of the line tools (in this case, a demising line) to separate out a segment of the larger suite into two smaller suites. It’s as simple as clicking a start and end point.

Your floor plan automatically recalculates, but you’re not done! You still want to assign this new suite a number. Furthermore, you want to have access to this new plan in RealAccess. Don’t fret! This is all built into DRAW.

Just click on the “Assign” tab, enter in your suite details, and your new suite is ready for use. Save this as a scenario, and you’ll be able to open this plan in your Scenario list for this floor on RealAccess.

What used to be limited to AutoCAD manipulation by skilled technicians or architects, and may have had a week long turnaround time, you can now get down in five minutes on any PC. Furthermore, DRAW is included alongside a standard RealAccess subscription. It does not come with extra licensing fees or anything, unlike AutoCAD, which is expensive and requires specialized knowledge to use.

Harness the power of DRAW. See More. Do More.