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RDM Digitizing The Old CRE Workflow

RDM Digitizing the old CRE workflow

Today in business, there is a never-ending quest to find efficiency— that was the driving force behind the creation of RDM’s comprehensive software, RealAccess, and our managed services platform.

There are two key things needed in every commercial real estate transaction:

  1. Accurate floor plans of the space or entire building
  2. Precise space calculation to determine what the rentable area is.

As the industry leader for building measurement, RDM has seen how landlords and CRE professionals obtain their building data. The process of getting data, processing it, and using it to support buying, selling, leasing, and managing has a history of being extremely inefficient.  Determining the accuracy of the data on hand was an additional burden. This process could take weeks which risked deal fatigue and errors.

With RDM’s subscription model, we have converted an antiquated and time-consuming workflow into a one-stop, efficient process. We make gathering data simple and fast, and because the information is real-time, our customers trust that the information is accurate. Using RealAccess and the RDM platform shaves off hours by eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

“With RealAccess, our customers’ workflow has transformed into just a few clicks, which can save approximately 200 hours a year per building, freeing up bandwidth for higher value work and execution. “

– Peter Boritz, CEO

With customers in 20 markets, Real Data Management has transformed the old CRE workflow into a streamlined and more efficient process that saves time and money.

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