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RDM’s Favorite Things

In the spirit of the holiday season, we surveyed the staff and asked them to share their Favorite Things.  We’ve compiled a list of gadgets on their wishlists, apps, and things they’ve been currently obsessed with. We hope you’ll get some gift inspiration or learn about something that you’ll end up loving us much as we do.  Here are a few of RDM’s Favorite Things:

1. Amazon Echo – Tim Benz, Sr. Sales Executive

Tim’s favorite gadget is the Amazon Echo, which he loves because it helps him with little tasks around the house:

 I love my Amazon Echo. The little things it helps with are extremely helpful: raising the heat (connected to my Nest thermostat), asking for the weather when I get dressed, setting a timer, and asking a quick question without having to google it from my phone”

Amazon’s AI Voice assistant, Alexa acts like your own personal assistant.  The Echo also comes with Smart Home capabilities, which allows you to control the automation of devices in your house such as the lights, security system or heating system.  


2. LG Watch SPORT – Evan Schmidt, Sr. Sales Executive

Evan is on a search for a new smart watch, and has been eyeing the LG Watch SPORT:

I’m in the market for a smart watch. This LG watch is equipped with Android Pay so I can make purchases with my credit cards much faster. It also has Calendar Sync so I can receive alerts and see what’s on my schedule right on my wrist.” 

With its WiFi and 4G LTE capabiltiies, this smart watch is perfect for staying connected wherever you go.  


3. Bulletproof Coffee – Chris Lipowicz, VP of Sales 

A new trend called Bulletproof Coffee is Chris’ go to drink in the morning:

Right now, one of my favorite things is Bulletproof CoffeeIt’s coffee blended with MCT Oil and Butter. Great flavor, good for energy, and health…kinda. My search is for the best coffee to couple with this delightful concoction. 

Though it sounds strange, this drink can have many health benefits. David Asprey, a Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur came up with this “health hack” recipe after trying a Tibeten drink infused with butter.  Asprey was inspired to create the Bulletproof brand, dedicated to improving your biochemistry and healthy living.  


4. FitBit  – Lauren Faggione, Sales Director 

The new FitBit is on Lauren’s wishlist this year. Since FitBit released it’s first wristband in 2013, this brand has become one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market.

I walk to and from Penn Station every day and purposely park my car far from the train to get some fitness time in. I’d be interested to know exactly how many steps I am getting in so I can better meet my fitness goals.  

Fitbits count your daily steps, heartrate, and can even track your sleeping patterns. The FitBits feature sleek designs and accessory bands that are fashionable enough for outside of the gym or your workout.  


5. Mizuno Wave Riders – Mike Solarsh, Sales Manager BCS

Mike is a runner, so it’s no surprise that he chose his running shoes as his favorite thing:

For my favorite thing I picked my running shoes the Mizuno Wave Riders. This is only model running shoe I’ve ever worn since I started running in college. I’ve ran every race with this shoe including the NYC Marathon most recently. “

The Mizuno Wave Riders are breathable and provide a responsive and smooth feel.  Lightweight, yet durable, the Wave Riders are a must have for runners.  


6. Anchor App – Kristian Romero, Sales & Marketing Coordinator 

Kristian has been using Anchor, an app that lets users easily record and create podcasts right from their phones:

It’s also ideal for listening to awesome content from small-time people that isn’t mass produced and sponsored by massive corporations. It’s very much a verbal social network meets talk radio. Check it out, there’s a station on there for literally everyone. 

It is one of his go to apps at the moment because it is also a great way to discover and listen to podcasts from small-time creators.  There are stations for every interest and it’s an easy and fun way to get your thoughts and ideas out there.  


7. Spill-Proof Contigo Travel Mug – Ryan Green, COO 

Ryan loves her new Contigo Travel mug and makes sure it comes to work with her every morning:

I have a really long commute in the mornings and I like to have my coffee on the train while I catch up on work emails (and maybe some Instagram browsing). The problem was that I would put my mug on the seat while I worked and it would tip over and spill all over me. Never again!”

This mug snaps shut and keeps coffee hot for 6 hours and is perfect for anyone on the go.


8. Garmin Fenix 5 GPS Watch– Joe Symoun, Finance Manager 

The Garmin Fenix 5 is on Joe’s current tech obsession and is on his wishlist this year: 

I started running last year in anticipation of running the NYC marathon. I ended up sidelined because of injuries but hope to pick it up again soon. 

This GPS watch is ideal for anyone spending a lot of time outdoors, whether it be hiking on trails or long distance running.