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BOMA 2017: Are You Ready? RDM Is Here To Help You Figure It Out.

BOMA 2017: Are you ready? RDM is here to help you figure it out.

BOMA International is in the process of introducing a new building measurement standard to the public this year. It is currently still in the review period by the American National Standard for office floor measurement, BOMA 2017 for Office Buildings: Standard Methods of Measurement (ANSI/BOMA Z65.1—2017).

The new standard suggests the affected areas may include are balconies and rooftop terraces. The 2017 standard may now include these areas within the rentable area.

The changes in the 2017 standard aim to address new market realities. The BOMA 2017 Office Standard is scheduled to release in September, according to BOMA Floor Measurement Standards Committee chair Rebecca Hanner, BOMA Fellow, with Cushman & Wakefield. The changes will likely bring higher load factors. RDM will continue to follow the review process and final decision. We are committed to educating you, the customer, if the change in standard carries any further growth potential for your properties.

As more information about the new BOMA standard becomes available, we will update you on how it impacts your buildings. In the interim, please contact us with any questions.

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RDM is committed to helping customers maximize RSF and the value of your assets through building measurement. Our platform of solutions will take you through the process of remeasurement, analysis, standards of measurement education, and easy access to all of this information through RealAccess. Our job is to provide our customers with the building data delivered through accurate floor plans.

Request a copy of our 2017 Whitepaper on Building Measurement and National Trends.