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There Is A Better Way To Manage Your Documents!

There is a better way to manage your documents!

Do you find yourself searching through file cabinets, your co-worker’s desk, and the shared server to find property related documents?

Seems like you need a better way to store and retrieve your building documents. One that makes sense and is connected to your live floor plans, lease data, and accounting information.

Introducing the newest addition to RealAccess Рthe enhanced Global View Documents feature.

  • Sort files at the floor and suite level
  • Create a folder structure that works for your workflow
  • Drag & drop files
  • Download files with one click
  • Quick search for documents by key word

The new Documents feature in RealAccess is an enhancement to the one-screen experience we strive to deliver. Most of all, it will make your life simpler and save you time.

Documents 2.0: We are releasing several fantastic enhancements to our new Documents feature in RealAccess. You can now add and sort files at the building and suite level, use our new Building Compliance dedicated folder tree, or create your own folder structures that make sense for your assets. As always, you can still drag and drop files, or quickly search by keyword.

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