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Do You Know Your Growth Potential?

Do you know your Growth Potential?

How do I know I have growth potential?

How much square footage should I call my vacant suite?

I am positive that you have asked yourself these questions before. Stop guessing whether you are under- leased or over-leased. Measuring, tracking and managing these values is key to a successful occupancy rate in commercial real estate. RDM is here to help you quickly find the answers to all these questions.

Wanting to grow their space, our customers often inquire about current loss factors: usable square footage vs. the rentable numbers. If a lease is signed without knowing the proper growth potential, money can potentially be left on the table.

The RDM Customer Connect Team can answer various questions regarding building measurement using the standard methods of measurement, such as REBNY and BOMA. Even so, not all of our customers take advantage of the current growth potential in their buildings.

The RealAccess Dashboard gives you real-time information on your portfolio.

On the RealAccess portfolio page our users have a snapshot view of their building’s growth potential. The software finds this number by calculating the difference between the existing lease and the target lease number. The target lease is driven by multiple components, such as the loss factor, and is subject to change with market fluctuations.

A trend in commercial real estate is to hire architects to provide these target values. Many architects, however, do not have the intel to apply the correct loss factors or isolate the space correctly. This can provide an inaccurate evaluation of leasable space, causing landlords to lose out on thousands of dollars per month.

RDM specializes in measuring space on a floor-by-floor and building-wide basis. Measuring buildings is what we do. After we digitize a building our software, RealAccess, can calculate target values. This data is much more accurate and customized – unlike the manual calculations in AutoCAD done by architects.

RDM uses the latest technology to capture accurate measurements of office interiors.

Real Data Management focuses on doing measurements correctly, effectively making estimates unnecessary. Do not sign a lease ever again unless you know your growth potential! Having RealAccess to analyze the changes within your building prevents you from losing on money month after month.

Contact RDM for more information on how we can get your the information you need.