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A Facelift For RealAccess

A Facelift for RealAccess

RealAccess has a new look!
Our latest update to RealAccess is part of our ongoing effort towards continuous improvement.
We strive to make your life easier with improved workflow. We hope this visual update to the user interface will make your experience with RealAccess a bit more fun and refreshing.Read on to see what we updated and look at the before and after comparisons.

Update 1: A  new logo for RealAccess

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally pulled the trigger on a new logo for RealAccess. We cleaned up the font a bit to keep it more in line with the RDM corporate logo, and then we updated the building icon with a new icon that is a more complex and interesting.

Update 2: Login Page

We brightened up the first page you see when accessing RealAccess, and also added some additional information.

Update 3: Portfolio Dashboard

With a few tweaks we were able to make this whole page a little easier to read by increasing the size and weight of the photos and fonts. We also changed up some of the spacing so things aren’t so cramped.

We hope you enjoy these improvements, and if you have any questions please reach out to your technical account manager.