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RDM believes success depends on developing great business leaders

We understand that being a leading company in any industry is not just about slick marketing and an active LinkedIn page. It’s about recruiting, hiring and developing great leaders within the company. It’s creating a culture of learning. It’s about being committed to continuous improvement.

Without having those core principles a company cannot achieve long-term success and growth.

We are committed to delivering best in class solutions to our customers, but realized that to be able to deliver on that goal we needed to hard-wire leadership development into how we operate. Now we’ve taken it to a new level with the Market Knowledge Leader team, which will transcend to our customer experience. — Peter Boritz, CEO

RDM had a challenge of bridging the information gap between what’s happening in technology and how it relates to internal goals, efforts and knowledge. We also have a company principle of wiring in a leadership career path and promoting from the ranks. That’s when we hatched the idea of the Market Knowledge Leader, which combines two of our core values into one new role – actually two roles, we also decided that we would have more success if there was inherent collaboration and team work

RDM would like to introduce you to our new Market Knowledge Leaders: Miguel Flores and Thomas Mitrevski. We created this new role at RDM after realizing we needed a dedicated team to stay informed and current with everything happening in CRE technology – especially when it comes to the world of BIM and 3D modeling.

In addition to this new Knowledge Leader role, Miguel Flores is a Project Manager overseeing building measurement services; Thomas Mitrevski is one of our Account Managers on the Customer Solutions team.

The team will be investigating new technologies in the CRE industry, educating RDM staff on what they find, taking demos from vendors, and participating in conferences and workshops. RDM looks forward to seeing how this team develops and how it helps to share information across our expanding company.