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Your Building. Your Brand. Your Choice. The new Color Picker feature on RealAccess.

One of the most common customer feature requests we receive is asking for the ability to customize the colors of your stacks and floor plans. We’re happy to announce that this feature is now live and has been rolled out to all of our RealAccess users.

Lots of customers have asked for the ability to use specific company colors – some need it for branding purposes, others just want to personalize their stacks for internal meetings. We saw the demand and we’re really excited to see this customer-driven feature live and in use!” – Robert Commiskey, Technical Account Manager at RDM

The new feature is available when you navigate to Stack View. After clicking on the Color Settings button you can use the eyedropper to select your preferred colors, or type in the HEX code of your choice. New colors are saved and will display every time you log in – until you reset or change the colors,

I had a few customers who wanted to easily identify upcoming vacancies based on the colors they had for each end year. Giving users the power to modify their existing colors – combined with their accounting link – saved them hours of manual entry. – Jonathan Pedican, Director of Customer Support 

If you would like to learn more about RealAccess, or if you would like a guided tour of the new Color Picker in Stack View, please contact Robert Commiskey.