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Your stacks have never looked better.

RDM is passionate about creating beautiful and efficient software for property managers, owners, and brokers. Over the last couple weeks our software engineers have been toiling away at improving the RealAccess user experience. Our Stack Access feature received a face lift and some functionality improvements.

Login to your RealAccess account and take the new stacks for a spin.

Once you’re in the Stack Access view you can also launch the Expanded Stack feature. Expanded Stack allows you to customize and share your building’s stack diagrams.

  • Download as PDF – any size or orientation
  • Email as PDF – share your stack with anyone
  • Display tenant and space info – tenant name, RSF, lease expirations and suite numbers can all be shown on your stack

Have you set up your custom notifications using the new Email Digest feature, or seen a demo of the new DRAW feature?  You can learn more about what we’re doing on RealAccess by visiting the RDM blog.

Robert Commiskey is your Technical Account Manager and can help with any questions, suggestions or trouble you may run into while using RealAccess. Contact Robert by email or give him a call at 212-213-8190 ext 138