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RDM Adds Over 32 Million Sq. Ft of Office Space in Q4 2015 Using Pipeline Feature

RDM is pleased to announce we have added over 32 million square feet of office space to our Pipeline feature in Real Access. Real Access is the leading space and asset management platform for commercial real estate professionals. Pipeline allows brokers to manage the leasing process from start to finish. They can easily view property inquiries, viewings and open houses. The data is updated in real-time so brokers always have the most accurate information at their fingertips. They can also view industry trends and visualize spikes in activity.

Real Access offers an alternative to spreadsheets and lets brokers, property managers and owners collaborate in one place. While using the Pipeline feature, customers can link to the software stacking diagrams and Interactive Floor Plans (IFP). Seamless integration with a client’s accounting systems leads to real-time information being displayed on the plans and reports.

“The future of CRE tech will be to economize the tech stack and only use products that communicate with each other. RDM’s path is to be a leading choice for CRE and the 32 million square feet we’ve added validates that the market wants the platform we provide.”

-CEO Peter Boritz


Inside the Pipeline feature deals can be tracked from start to finish. Pipeline will log proposal data points with offers and counteroffers to let users track deal progression. Levels of data are customizable so the client can choose to display only the most relevant information. Having all their information in one place helps RDM’s customers not only save time but also make the best decisions possible about their leasing strategies.