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Top 2 Reasons to Update Your Emergency Action/Fire Safety Floor Plans

“I already have Emergency Action/Fire Safety floor Plans, why do I have to update them?”

This is a question I hear all the time so I thought it would be helpful to discuss the two mains reasons you may need to update your Emergency Action Plans.

But before that, let’s talk about what an Emergency Action Plan is exactly:

Since 9/11, all high rise commercial buildings (75 feet or greater) in NYC are required by law to have a full set of Emergency Action/Fire Safety floor plans.

If you are an NYC building owner or manager of a high rise commercial building, you more than likely have already had these plans created for your building to comply with Local Law 26 and the FDNY.

These floor plans are very important as they map out the entire buildings egress and evacuation routes as well as locations of items such as fire pull stations, stairwells, and elevator banks.

But having an approved plan isn’t enough, you must also keep them up to date every time there is a significant change in your building.

The Top 2 Reasons to Update Your Emergency Action/Fire Safety Floor Plans

1. The State of your Building Changes Frequently

The real estate industry is an industry of many transactions and changes. It is very unlikely that a building will go many years without a new tenant moving in or at the very least minor construction structural changes.  Many times when a new tenant moves in or construction is being done it will affect the Emergency Action/Fire Safety floor plans.

2. Avoid FDNY Violations and Fines

The FDNY requires that these plans be proactively kept up to date and refiled anytime there are significant changes in the building. These types of changes include but are not limited to changes in use/occupancy, egress routes, sprinkler coverage, gravity tanks or anything that changes on the Building Information Card (BIC). If these plans are not up to date when the Fire Department shows up for an inspection of the building, the building will be issued a violation and have 90 days to bring the plans up to date.

How often does the fire department show up for an inspection?

This is a question that doesn’t have a very clear answer. Technically the fire department can show up at any given time, unannounced, for an inspection. On average though they show up once a year.

The best practices for a Property Manager to reduce risk include being proactive and knowing what the FDNY knows about your building. Make sure you always keep in mind when construction occurs in the building how it will affect the layout of the Emergency Action/Fire Safety Floor Plan. Anytime a significant change occurs make sure that you notify the original architect or plan designer so that they can update the plans to be refiled with the FDNY.

To learn more about how RDM can help you with Emergency Action/Fire Safety floor plan updates and many other Building compliance services contact Mike Solarsh 212-213-8190 ext 108