Do you know your Growth Potential?

How do I know I have growth potential?

How much square footage should I call my vacant suite?

I am positive that you have asked yourself these questions before. Stop guessing whether you are under- leased or over-leased. Measuring, tracking and managing these values is key to a successful occupancy rate in commercial real estate. RDM is here to help you quickly find the answers to all these questions.

Wanting to grow their space, our customers often inquire about current loss factors: usable square footage vs. the rentable numbers. If a lease is signed without knowing the proper growth potential, money can potentially be left on the table.

The RDM Customer Connect Team can answer various questions regarding building measurement using the standard methods of measurement, such as REBNY and BOMA. Even so, not all of our customers take advantage of the current growth potential in their buildings.

The RealAccess Dashboard gives you real-time information on your portfolio.

On the RealAccess portfolio page our users have a snapshot view of their building’s growth potential. The software finds this number by calculating the difference between the existing lease and the target lease number. The target lease is driven by multiple components, such as the loss factor, and is subject to change with market fluctuations.

A trend in commercial real estate is to hire architects to provide these target values. Many architects, however, do not have the intel to apply the correct loss factors or isolate the space correctly. This can provide an inaccurate evaluation of leasable space, causing landlords to lose out on thousands of dollars per month.

RDM specializes in measuring space on a floor-by-floor and building-wide basis. Measuring buildings is what we do. After we digitize a building our software, RealAccess, can calculate target values. This data is much more accurate and customized – unlike the manual calculations in AutoCAD done by architects.

RDM uses the latest technology to capture accurate measurements of office interiors.

Real Data Management focuses on doing measurements correctly, effectively making estimates unnecessary. Do not sign a lease ever again unless you know your growth potential! Having RealAccess to analyze the changes within your building prevents you from losing on money month after month.

Contact RDM for more information on how we can get your the information you need.

Track Your Leasing Lifecycle from Lead to Renewal

You have a choice when it comes to tracking deals and assets.

Pipeline from RealAccess gives you real-time access to all your leasing and portfolio data in one centralized platform. Manage the leasing process from start to finish. See analytics on inquiries, showings, and offers.

It’s more than just a marketing tool.

Pipeline connects to the full RealAccess platform – you are a click away from historical leasing data, floor plans, tenant/property documents, and it’s all connected to your accounting system for real-time updates.

While using the Pipeline feature, customers can link to the software stacking diagrams and Interactive Floor Plans (IFP). Seamless integration with a client’s accounting systems leads to real-time information being displayed on the plans and reports.placeit

Inside the Pipeline feature deals can be tracked from start to finish. Pipeline will log proposal data points with offers and counteroffers to let users track deal progression. Levels of data are customizable so the client can choose to display only the most relevant information. Having all their information in one place helps RDM’s customers not only save time but also make the best decisions possible about their leasing strategies.

Whitepaper on CRE Building Measurement and National Trends - Free Download

Our 2017 Whitepaper on Building Measurement is Now Available

It is more important now than ever for commercial real estate landlords to ensure their buildings are properly measured. Savvy landlords employ building measurement methods – sometimes also called building remeasurement –  to increase revenue.

Measuring a property to reflect current market conditions can potentially maximize rentable square footage (RSF). Calculating RSF has always been a hot topic of debate, with regional markets taking different approaches. The variation in methods can be problematic for large organizations with portfolios that span multiple geographic locations. All of this is covered in our 2017 whitepaper.

Methods of Building Measurement & National Trends was written by a group measurement experts on staff at RDM who collectively have decades of experience in the world of building measurement and calculations, and have measured billions of square feet.

Topics covered:
• The different methods of measurement for office properties, including BOMA and REBNY
• Which method certain markets favor or have adopted as standard
• The importance of maximizing RSF to increase the value in your portfolio

Would you like to learn more about BOMA, REBNY and methods of building remeasurement?

Download our whitepaper on building measurement


There is a better way to manage your documents!

Do you find yourself searching through file cabinets, your co-worker’s desk, and the shared server to find property related documents?

Seems like you need a better way to store and retrieve your building documents. One that makes sense and is connected to your live floor plans, lease data, and accounting information.

Introducing the newest addition to RealAccess – the enhanced Documents feature.

  • Create a folder structure that works for your workflow
  • Drag & drop files
  • Download files with one click
  • Quick search for documents by key word

The new Documents feature in RealAccess is an enhancement to the one-screen experience we strive to deliver. Most of all, it will make your life simpler and save you time.

New to RealAccess? Request a demo and see how this all works together.

A Facelift for RealAccess

RealAccess has a new look!
Our latest update to RealAccess is part of our ongoing effort towards continuous improvement.
We strive to make your life easier with improved workflow. We hope this visual update to the user interface will make your experience with RealAccess a bit more fun and refreshing.

Read on to see what we updated and look at the before and after comparisons.

Update 1: A  new logo for RealAccess

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally pulled the trigger on a new logo for RealAccess. We cleaned up the font a bit to keep it more in line with the RDM corporate logo, and then we updated the building icon with a new icon that is a more complex and interesting.

Update 2: Login Page

We brightened up the first page you see when accessing RealAccess, and also added some additional information.

Update 3: Portfolio Dashboard

With a few tweaks we were able to make this whole page a little easier to read by increasing the size and weight of the photos and fonts. We also changed up some of the spacing so things aren’t so cramped.

We hope you enjoy these improvements, and if you have any questions please reach out to your technical account manager.